Yahoo Answers is whack

I spent a few hours looking through yahoo answers, and some of the most bizarre questions were being asked.  I realize that many of these are probably fake, but still some portion of these are real.

I think the bulk of the answers should be “No, get off the interent and go to a doctor’s office” and “Yes, he doesn’t like you”.  “42” would also be acceptable in most cases.

My favorite items are those that are obviously homework assignments.  When having every piece of data at your fingertips is too much work, outsource!!!

Also, the point leveling system is addictive.  Much like playing D&D.  I wish I could pick a class though.  Like I want to get bonus points for answering dating questions, but have a harder time earning points on food or something.

Inserting random suggested image from zementa:

Caste AS

Caste AS (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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